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Bookmarks and Links

You may bookmark or link to any page on the website, and you may share its URL with anyone and in any manner. We would prefer it if you link only to the top index page or the index pages for the main sub-sections, but the links in your pages are up to you.

Text and Images

You may not electronically copy, reproduce, use or modify any of the text, images or other materials on these pages other than in the form of temporary storage for your own personal use. For example, you may cache pages on your computer for off-line browsing, but you may not construct a website based on material from these pages, without our permission.

You may print or photocopy any number of copies for your own personal use any textual material on these pages, as long as notice of our copyright is displayed on all copies. You may also give away copyright marked printed copies to others for their own personal use, but you may not charge a fee for those copies, not even a nominal fee to cover your own copying or distribution costs. You may not distribute copies in conjunction with any other service, activity or product for which you charge a fee, without our permission. For example, you may not produce brochures based on material from these pages, without our permission.


The content for promotional links and on pages describing properties or businesses is often provided by others, usually the property or business owner. Data about and links to properties and businesses are provided as information and presented in good faith; they are not implicit or explicit recommendations of those properties or businesses. Any query you may have with the content shoud be raised with the content provider. If the content provider is not apparent from the context, please ask.

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